A Way to Let the Youth Grow and Prosper

Jon Urbana is a graduate of Villanova University, where he played as a division one Lacrosse player. It is no surprise that he now coaches children in Denver, Colorado.

He has created a GoFundMe campaign for these children. The children want clearer grounds to play on. According to a post on Urbana’s blog last week, these kids are highly talented and interested in better land to play and grow on. The purpose of the GoFundMe campaign is to raise money for the environment. Earth Force Incorporated is there for the children to make the area that surrounds them better and reveal the beauty that lies in it. Jon Urbana refers to these kids as the best advocates around, which makes it more of a great cause.

Jon Urbana, as before mentioned, was a division one lacrosse player, and he is now an entrepreneur. He runs his own Lacrosse camp where he discovered these children who want to do something about the environment. His Next Level Lacrosse Camp provides kids with the best resources of becoming the best of the best in Lacrosse. His camp gives each player a specific set of skills that work on their position in the game. He also provides these children with views from professional Lacrosse players from the Denver Outlaws. Jon Urbana’s camp is the best camp to send one’s child to in Colorado.

Although the GoFundMe campaign hasn’t raised any money yet according to a tweet Urbana posted yesterday, there is something great about the children wanting to look out for the environment themselves without having to be told to do so. Jon Urbana’s Facebook bio states that he retired from Professional Lacrosse and became a coach in order to help these kids better their skills, but not all coaches can say that they helped their athletes become advocates for themselves.

The Highest Compliment

Every major city in the United States has Michael Jackson impersonators. The only entertainer who might have slightly more impersonators is Elvis. That being said, both are immortalized through this high tribute. Las Vegas is home to several Jackson impersonators, and more than a few headline shows. His music shaped a generation, and millions are still playing his music, going to tribute shows, and otherwise keeping his memory alive. Several of these tribute shows are touring the country now. Many people were unable to see him perform when he was alive, for one reason or another, so tribute shows are a nice way to give people a chance to see his likeness, at a greatly reduce cost. They are very popular indeed.

There are Michael Jackson impersonators in every country, and in South American Sergio Cortes packs arenas with his ode to this storied entertainer. Mr. Cortes bears a very strong resemblance to Jackson. Born in Barcelona, he shows are hugely popular across South America. Just this year, he also took his show on the road to Italy. His show is nearly 2 hours long, and celebrates Mr. Jackson’s collection of hits. His show has also been styled in accordance with Jackson’s standards as he has several musicians, backup vocals and several dancers. Mr. Sergio Cortes maintains a strong presence on social media, including Instagram and Facebook , as well as many YouTube videos of him performing this legendary star’s mega hits.

Michael Jackson impersonators have been a mainstay in the United States entertainment industry for many years, and they were many of them when he was still alive. One of his impersonators, Carlo Riley, met the entertainer in Japan in 2007. He subsequently met the other 4 Jackson brothers, in 2014, when he went to Vegas to watch them perform. It is virtually impossible that a huge talent like Michael Jackson would not have numerous people emulating him. What a wonderful legacy that tours are still taking place today, celebrating his incredible art.

Bruce Levenson: One Of The Very Best In Business

Bruce Levenson is an NBA team owner, American businessman and Philanthropist. Co-owner for the Atlanta Hawks LLC (formerly known as Atlanta Spirit LLC) operates the Atlanta Hawks and Phillips Arena. He has additionally served as Governor for the Hawks on the NBA Board of Governors as a result since 2004. As a founding board member he sits on the directors board for TechTarget, which is a publicly traded IT media company.

Early Life

Born into a Jewish family, Bruce Levenson grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland but was born in Washington, D.C. He attended Washington University in St. Louis and finished law school at American University. He began his journalism career with the Washington Star while going to school at night studying law.


He also co-founded the United Communications Group in 1977 along with Ed Peskowitz. A dream that began in Levenson’s apartment in Gaithersburg, Maryland., Peskowitz and Levenson started publishing a newsletter called Oil Express which focused on the developments in the oil enterprise. UCG obtained other newsletters and created databases involving OPIS, which stands for Oil Price information. United Communications Group is a privately owned business data company that specializes in analysis and news for energy, healthcare, technology, telecommunications, mortgage banking and other industries. The company also is the proprietor of the mobile application, “GasBuddy”, which helps drivers located low gas prices.

Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks LLC, one time known as The Atlanta Spirit LLC was formed in 2004 to purchase the Atlanta Hawks from Turner Broadcasting. Ed Peskowitz and Bruce Levenson are major partners of the Atlanta Hawks LLC, with a collection of businessmen owning the professional team along with Phillips Arena.


Bruce Levenson is also a very active participant in many philanthropic organizations like, Community Foundation of Washington and of course the Hoop Dreams foundation. He has also served as president of the I Have a Dream Foundation, which assists low-income children continue their education. Levenson is also the founding donor for the U.S. Holocaust Museum and additionally funds its Bringing the Lessons Home program, which teaches and informs inner city school kids lessons about the Holocaust. Bruce Levenson’s mother-in-law happens to be a Holocaust survivor.

Levenson and his wife Karen spearheaded the development of the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership in 2012 at University of Maryland by providing seed funding for the education of students learning how to run nonprofit organizations and to help promote the motivation of philanthropic activities.

Reaching Financial Goals with BRL

BRL Trust possesses a sturdy status of continuously achieving the goals for their loyal customers. The group at BRL is comprised of qualified and skilled experts who provide extraordinary results using accountability and transparency in order to gain visibility for valued investors. Clients appreciate that they consistently receive trust, reliability and their concerns are never ignored and not answered.

This reliable company provides comprehensive and expert services to their loyal base of clients who seek to obtain outstanding results in reaching their investment goals. Besides servicing loans within the private sector, this investment-savvy company holds the title as being Brazil’s largest administrator of investment funding among independent companies. That is quite a title! Their standing among the investment industry is strong and they display it daily by providing trustworthy services to their customers worldwide. It does not matter who their client is, every customer is given the utmost respect and service that goes above and beyond expectations.

BRL Trust was started by Mauricio Ribeiro, Rodrigo Cavalnte and Rodrigo Boccanero Gomes who understood that no customers have all the exact same needs. These founders and partners made sure that their company provided reliable services to benefit each of their customers and that catered to their unique, individualized needs.

Unlike no other investment company, BRL Trust manages to provide a variety of services. The first is Asset Management and Underwriting in which the BRL team finds answers for various investment funds in order to achieve their customer’s goals. When increasing funds for planned real estate deals, agriculture or specific investments arise, they implement safe underwriting services. If investors require admittance to capital markets globally, BRL extends this invitation by providing services which hold an asset control system (SCA) in place that scrutinizes the loan collection process, tracking and monitoring methods. BRL has received approval from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to manage their investment funds which has so far reached beyond R$18.25 billion dollars recently.

If you require the assistance of a company that has the expertise in investments, you must contact the exceptional firm of BRL Trust and Investments. Located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, this company makes it a practice to be up to date on the latest in financial tools and any investment procedures that have been updated. Their team continuously receives training and attends seminars so they will be the best in their business.

Invest Confidently With Igor Cornelsen

Most people will need to accumulate a nest egg. The nest egg allows to do important life tasks such as paying for a wedding, buying a house, allowing them to provide a good education for their children and have a comfortable and worry-free retirement. A savings account also helps the person feel more safe and secure knowing that they are able to meet any expected fiscal emergencies without undo worry or strain. A hefty bank account allows the investor to be sure that they need not fret in the event of an unexpected car repair or a week with a nssty case of the flu because they can cover such bills easily.

Part of savings is investing. This is why people turn to savvy investors such as Igor Cornelsen. Cornelsen is an investment professional with many years of experience in the field of investing banking. His work in this field has helped many people a very good rate of return on their investments. Under his guidance, his clients have learned how to navigate the field of banking in order to figure out which investments are ideal for their needs, long term plans and overall risk tolerance levels.

Mr. Cornelsen is a native of Brazil. He has worked in the field of Brazilian investment banking for decades. The Brazilian markets have seen enormous growth in the past few years. An intelligent investor has been able to work in this area in order to provide capital for many area businesses seeking to expand. Mr. Cornelsen has used his years of experience in the field of finance in order to provide a guiding hand for foreigners who may want to invest in Latin America but may not know exactly where to begin an investment plan. Working with a highly skilled professional such as Mr. Cornelsen allows them to be sure that any investment they are going to make will be ideal for all of their needs.

Cornelsen has also worked for many years in the field of American investment banking. His investments in the American stock market have done very well, making it easy for him to enjoy an upper class lifestyle that allows him to maintain homes in both Miami and Brazil. This international perspective has been highly useful for those who are working with him and looking for insights into both capital markets in Brazils and the American stock markets.